Starts from:Fri, June 8, 2018
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5945 Temple City Blvd,Temple City,United States

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Course Feature
  • 6 hours a day, 1 day per week for 5 weeks; or 3 hours a day, 2 days per week for 5 weeks.
Class Description

Photoshop is a powerful of full-featured image processing software. Whether it is web design, printing design, photographer, product design, 3D animation design, Photoshop will be used for photo-related retouching or compositing. This course is designed for multimedia designers. The lecturer focuses on the necessary functions and examples to implement the learning method. Among them, the basics of web design and UI design have become the focus of the course. Do you know how to design active websites, homepages, and page layouts? Is there a difference between a single active web page design and the web design of an entire website? This course instructor designed a practical web design paradigm, using examples to implement the method of teaching, so that students can use what they learned and use the latest version of Photoshop to learn the latest multimedia design techniques.

Course Details:

  1. Basic operating environment and digital image concept

1-1 Work Area Overview

1-2 Viewing Tools

1-3 scales, grids, and guides

1-4 Image File Management

1-5 Image Size and Layout Size

1-6 Crop Image

1-7 Saving File and Image File Formats


  1. Getting Started with Layers and Photoshop Image Editing

2-1 Understanding Layer

2-2 Layer Floating Window Basic Operations

2-3 Layer Management

2-4 Selecting and Moving Layers

2-5 Use of Deformation Instructions

2-6 Variants of Variants

2-7 Numerical Distortion


  1. Play image synthesis from the selected range

3-1 Fixed Shape Selection Screen Tool

3-2 Non-Specific Shape Selection Screen Tool

3-3 Selection Range and Image Editing

3-4 Selection and Filling

3-5 Gradient Filling

3-6 Gradient Color Editing

3-7 Paint bucket coloring


  1. Quick image corrections

4-1 Image Adjustment Tool Set

4-2 Image Processing Tools

4-3 Image Brightness Adjustment

4-4 Fast Image Color Enhancement

4-5 content-aware coloring repair image

4-6 Repair Tool Set

4-7 Imitation Seal Retouching


  1. Vector Shape Tool and Path Editing Application

5-1 Vector Shape Tool Drawing

5-2 Vector Shape Tool

5-3 Vector Shape Tool Draw Path App

5-4 Path Editing Tools

5-5 Using Pen Tools

5-6 pen tool drawing to back


  1. Advanced layer editing and filters

6-1 Layer Alignment and Equalization

6-2 Using Layer Styles

6-3 Layer Style Settings

6-4 Creating Layer Masks

6-5 layer color mixing mode

6-6 Filter Effects and Settings


  1. Text editing and design applications

7-1 Creating Text

7-2 paragraph text

7-3 Base Layer Style Text

7-4 Title Text Design

7-5 Image Text Effect

7-6 Material Text App


  1. The secret of image processing

8-1 Photoshop Recording Image Processing Actions

8-2 Image Back Processing

8-3 image white border style

8-4 Drawing Sketch Expression Style

8-5 Li Ke style

8-6 Floating Tape

8-7 Irregular Image Edges

8-8 Image Product Back and Reflection

8-9 Product Side Shadow

8-10 pattern design


  1. Commercial Website Design Implementation

9-1 Active Website Layout

9-2 Business Website Home Layout – Minimalist Photo Gradient

9-3 Website layout page button design

9-4 inner page layout design

9-5 Internal Design of Corporate Website

9-6 Website layout design