Starts from:Fri, June 8, 2018
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5945 Temple City Blvd,Temple City,United States

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Course Feature
  • 6 hours a day, 1 day per week for 5 weeks; or 3 hours a day, 2 days per week for 5 weeks.
Class Description

C++ is a popular program development tool in the world. C++ is widely used in software and hardware design, development of large-scale systems (games and window interface applications), academic research by its fast execution speed and object-oriented advantages. This course is divided into two steps. The first step contains the basic grammar of C++, and the next step covers the C++ object-oriented concept. The course schedule will from easy to deep, and will be strengthened with examples and hands-on learning. After the completion of this course will establish the basic capabilities of C++ program foundation and program implementation.


Mode of Instruction
Direct Classroom Instruction. Sequential Outline of Subject Matter about This Course

  • Basic concepts: Introduction to C++ program execution and various basic types of variables
  • Conditional statement: The control flow of C++ syntax, which can conditionally control the execution order or repeat execution
  • Function: Packages a code body, explaining concepts, syntax
  • Array: declare objects of the same type together and use index to access
  • Category: C++ The so-called object orientation, that is, starting from the category
  •  Inheritance: Some categories share certain characteristics by having data members and functions that also have base categories
  • Virtual: Solve some of the conceptual problems caused by inheritance during the execution period
  • Multiple operators