Starts from:Fri, June 8, 2018
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5945 Temple City Blvd,Temple City,United States

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Course Feature
  • 6 hours a day, 1 day per week for 5 weeks; or 3 hours a day, 2 days per week for 5 weeks.
Class Description

This course will learn how to start from the basic content editing of the webpage, arrange and design the HTML file format, understand the particularity of the webpage format, and how to complete the website architecture planning, use the free web space to complete the website setup, and never learn before. For people who design web pages, this course will allow you to learn the most useful web design skills and lay the groundwork for advanced CSS layout and new technologies such as HTML 5.

After learning the complete content editing of the web page and having the ability to complete the web site, the major that needs further study is the advanced layout and layout of the web page, including the integration of styling with Photoshop, and the advanced page layout methods such as the inner page frame. A perfect website, flexible use of advanced features such as behaviors, AP elements, JavaScript effects, and extension components are the focus of this course to lead you into the professional field. Finally, the application of code segments with high interactivity is added. The actual full website is used to build an example so that you can use it immediately.

Course Details:

  1. Website definition and basic operation

1-1 Web File Basic Rules

1-2 Define Website

1-3 basic file operations

1-4 Webpage text data

1-5 blank characters

1-6 list

1-7 page attributes

1-8 Insert image

1-9 Mouse Interactive Image

1-10 Text and Image Typesetting


  1. Web imagery and Photoshop integration

2-1 Web Image Format

2-2 Rotate and change image size

2-3 Image Cropping

2-4 Backwards Editing Application

2-5 Web GIF Animation

2-6 Web page replacement image button


  1. Forms and pages page layout

3-1 insert table

3-2 Form Property Settings and Table Appearance

3-3 Form and Page Size

3-4 Stealth Form Application – Page Layout

3-5 Form Arrangement – Indent Application

3-6 Table Arrangement – Bullet Application

3-7 Table Scheduling Application – Home Arrangement

3-8 Table Scheduling Application – Inner Page Arrangement


  1. Link setting completed website

4-1 text and image link settings

4-2 link text attribute setting

4-3 Image Map Link

4-4 anchor link


  1. Photoshop advanced image cutting and web page layout integration

5-1 Establishing an Image Slice Using Split

5-2 Use Slicer to Create Image Slices

5-3 Image Cutting and Background Drawing Application

5-4 Web site cutting and completing website

5-5 image table and home page application


  1. Interactive control and behavioral effects

6-1 Using AP Elements (divs) Across Sites Editing Limits

6-2. Join JavaScript behavior

6-3 Apply Pop-up Message Behavior

6-4 Apply to open browser window

6-5 Apply Interchange Image Behavior

6-6 Apply drag and drop AP element (div) behavior

6-7 Apply to Show Hidden AP Elemental Behavior

6-8 Integrated AP Element Control – Interactive Product Description

6-9 jQuery effect

6-10 effect of overlay layout ads


  1. Add interactive effects to page content

7-1 ad image carousel

7-2 can browse multiple images before and after playback

7-3 Keep fixed position ads

7-4 Dynamically Controlling Horizontal and Vertical Movement of AP Elements

7-5 Insert IFrame Page